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Zika Virus to Threaten Your Travel Plans?

Jaclyn Hughes

Making travel plans in the near future? Have you learned of the Zika virus yet and how it can alter traveling to certain locations? Here’s the scoop you need to know:

 Zika is the virus that is spread by mosquitoes
 It is still considered very rare in the United States only having 1,000 cases annually
 Cannot be cured
 The short term symptoms can be resolved within a few days or weeks
 Symptoms are –fevers, rash, joint pain, or reddening of the eyes
 No vaccine can help this virus
 It is prevalent in pregnant women
 Treatment is only pain meds, rest, and adequate hydration

So, if this is still considered rare in the US, are you safe elsewhere? You’re likely to avoid catching the Zika virus by traveling within the USA, but if you are considering a warm climate for vacation, you may want to do some research first. The Huffington Post reported these are the areas that are being hit hard with the Zika virus are:

 South America
 Central America
 Mexico

Brazil in particular has been saturated with the illness, with the World Health Organization declaring a public health emergency of international concern in the area. This came due to the microcephaly there and it being linked to birth defects. Some airlines are actually refunding preplanned ticket costs to those who wish to cancel their trips until the virus begins to decrease. Check with your airline for any refunds that are applicable if that is of interest to you.