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World’s ‘Saddest Polar Bear’ Suffering At Shopping Center

Dorathy Gass

There is currently a petition circulating online, demanding that a shopping center in China, holding a polar bear, be closed. With over 150,000 signatures gathered, as of this reporting, animal rights groups are also asking the public to boycott Guangzhou’s Grandview shopping center.
What’s all the fuss about?

A beautiful animal, now being called the world’s ‘saddest’ polar bear, is being held up in an attraction at the shopping center, in a small glass enclosure, so that visitors can take selfies with the animal.

As Dave Neale, Animals Asia states, there really is no reason the polar bear should be trapped in this fashion. It seems like this type of animal tends to exhibit typical captivity behaviors, as the confined area restricts natural instincts, like their need to explore – and there is simply no substitute for their natural habitat, and ability to live freely. He goes on to state that this type of animal is the hardest to provide for, when in captivity. Neale adds that polar bears need a large amount a space; enough for them to climb, run, walk, and hunt. The Animal Welfare Director goes on to note that the bear has no peace where he is being held, and no natural comfort; and really needs to live its life, free, and in the wild. He is asking the people of China to not visit the shopping center or attraction, as this bear is simply suffering at the hands of selfies and shopping.

According to reports, back in April of this year, the shopping center has said it would improve conditions, and even made an announcement around plans to redesign the polar bear’s enclosure, after they met with Animals Asia to talk about the issue.

MSN reported that Neale commented on this, saying that Grandview was sincerely shocked by the global outrage at their center and the terrible conditions their animals endured. Neale believes that this cruelty around the polar bear is more about being uninformed, and commercial pressures. While Neale does not think Grandview will close anytime soon; thanks to pressure from the public, many areas have been shut down for redesigning plans.

Over 200,000 signatures were gathered online in the past, due to a polar bear (named Arturo) living in terrible conditions at a zoo in Argentina. The petition was asking for the bear to be moved.
Sadly, Arturo passed away, after many failed attempts at moving him into a better facility.