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More Women Are Traveling For Business Than Ever Before

Jaclyn Hughes

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that in 2018 more women are traveling for work than ever, but does the female demographic bring on certain travel safety issues?

Forbes recently reported that according to corporate travel buyers, some 70% of them were in agreeable that women traveling poses additional safety risks. Christle Johnson, who is the President of GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) touched base on the growing hot topic by saying “As an industry we need to do more to ensure the safety of our female road warriors, especially as women make up an ever-increasing amount of our business traveler population”.

What safety risks are they posing? Lodging for one can be a total nightmare for women traveling alone for work in not so desirable neighborhoods. Often the female traveling has no say in where she stays for the work trip, as those accommodations are made through corporate assistants in most cases. While a lot of companies are simply aiming to reserve the best hotels at the best business rates, there has to be a better way to become more cognizant of the traveler before making the accommodations. Forbes also revealed that only 44% of businesses are actually looking into this by trying to make travel reservations targeted more specifically for the employee that will be making the trip.

These don’t have to be massive, time consuming changes for the employee booking the travel plans to ensure that the females have an extra level of safety on their voyages. For instance, just by reserving hotel rooms on higher floors is one step in the right direction. There tends to be less traffic coming and going on higher hotel floors than those that can gain easier access to rooms on the first or second floors. Obtaining registered chauffeured transportation when booking women travelers to do business in other countries is another excellent tip. It can be hard enough to obtain a rental car and figure out the driving laws in other nations, much less feel safe navigating it all by yourself. Skip the stress and use a driver for one less thing to worry about. It really does only require an extra minute or two to consider all of the challenges that women may be faced with traveling alone all over the globe while booking lodging, transportation, and flying accommodations to ensure the safety of your employees!