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Women Quits Her Job To Travel, Never Looking Back

Dorathy Gass

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to quit their job and travel around the world? Whether you work as a barista at Starbucks, or are in a corporate setting: leaving any job to travel sounds like a dream come true.

Well, in late 2012, Clelia Mattana did just that. Working as a fashion sourcing coordinator for the luxurious brand, Burberry, the 35 year-old seemed to have it all: a pretty cool job that paid well, living it up in an apartment in London, England. Still, she yearned for more.

Mattana notes that she was unhappy at that point in her life. Thoughts flooded her mind of visiting her favorite destinations, travelling to remote spots, and pursuing her passion for writing and photography.

She had an epiphany while on a vacation in her native area of Sardinia, in August 2012. She states, after doubting and fearing for years, she made a decision to quit her job in six months, and begin travelling, indefinitely. Within that six months, Clelia was able to save over $16,000. She handed in a letter of resignation to her company, and set out for a life of travel. Her first spot to explore? Southeast Asia.

Almost four years later, Clelia is still doing what she set out to do, and that’s traveling, and capturing every beautiful moment on Instagram, and her blog, “Keep Calm and Travel”.

The idea sounds absolutely captivating, but how does Mattana keep up with travelling (and life), without holding a ‘real’ job?

MSN reported that Clelia explained that within a mere 90 days after she started on her adventure, she landed a job as a ballet teacher, in a small and remote Thailand village. She lived with the locals for a bit, and kept her savings for future travel that would arise. As such, she’s been able to travel and live her life of adventure, via money she has made through her blog. While she no longer needs to maintain her travels on a budget because of her blog earnings, Mattana states she still loves the adventurous aspect of camping in the wild, and staying in simpler places now and again, because of all the interesting people she meets.

Clelia notes, that before she started on her travel adventure, she would think about how her life would look, ten years down the road, and she felt that the field she worked in, did not represent her well. She goes on to state that she felt broken inside. She knew she needed to make a big change; and change she did.

While leaving behind your job and old life may not be for everyone, it seems like it has been the absolute best decision Clelia Mattana ever made.