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Woman Thrown Off A Plane After Refusing To Sit Next To A Baby

Dorathy Gass

A woman was recently thrown off a Delta airplane after getting angry and refusing to sit next a mother with a baby.

The passenger became irate and even threatened to get a Delta attendant fired, if she was forced to sit next to mother Marissa Rundell and her son Mason, eight months old.

According to the mother, the woman began complaining right from when she boarded the February 6th Delta flight headed to Syracuse, New York from JFK. As per the young mom, aged 19, the woman slammed her luggage down and stated that the seating arrangements she had were ‘f—king ridiculous’.

The UK Mirror recently advised that Rundell later took a video of the woman, when a Delta flight attendant tried to intervene. Rundell asked the complaining passenger to watch her language, where the woman retorted to shut the ‘f—k’ up. The flight attendant came over to ask what the issue was, and the woman complained of being placed near a ‘crying baby’; despite the fact that the youngster wasn’t fussing or crying at all.

The flight attendant can be heard in the video asking the complaining passenger what the issue was and requesting that she sit down. When the woman continued to bark about where she was seated, the attendant offered to place her on the next plane.

Tabitha, the attendant, did remain calm while the woman asked her name and then threatened to have her fired. The attendant then told the woman she would be removed from the plane and she called a gate agent for assistance.

While the woman did leave the plane, eventually, she did repeatedly refuse to go. She came back ten minutes later, retrieved her items, and began cursing again, stating that everyone would regret getting her kicked off the flight.

As Rundell puts it, the woman was throwing a tantrum like a child.

Here’s hoping she got over her anger once the next flight pulled in.