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Woman Gets Lifetime Ban From British Airways

Dorathy Gass

A woman recently was given a lifetime ban after an argument with another flyer who reported she got up from her seat ‘too many times’ while on a British Airways flight to Dubai, from London. At 33 years of age, Bridget Nhire, was placed it handcuffs, and taken off the plane immediately after landing. Still, Nhire claims there was nothing she did wrong.

However, the other flyers on the plane disagree. A variety of passengers have reported to the Daily Mail that the woman was drunk, made inappropriate racist comments to the crew, and got up from here seat a minimum of 20 times, screaming, and also attempted to enter the cockpit. Still, Nhire, a fashion stylist, states she only had two glasses of wine (with her flight meal), rose from her seat only three times, and was treated ‘like a terrorist’ while aboard the British Airways flight.

Unfortunately, Bridget was ultimately strapped to her airplane seat, and had security accompany her for the final 90 minutes of the air trip. Apparently the crew even pondered the idea of an emergency landing in Iran, due to the woman’s behavior.

In the end, police in Dubai escorted Nhire to the station, where she remained there for five hours. She was released without any charges, however was notified of the British Airways lifetime ban, which was placed in effect, right away. Nhire attempted to return home on a British Airways flight ten days afterward, however, her ticket was cancelled by the company. She now wants the air carrier to pay her $500, as she was left stranded due to the incident.

MSN reported that a British Airways representative noted that the company’s clients and crew deserve to enjoy air travel with them, without any disruptions. They went on to state that these kind of actions will not be accepted, and the correct protocol will always be taken. British Airways also stated that they would never give out a lifetime ban without first conducting an investigation, including gathering witness statements from clients, as well as their crew. They also added they would offer a refund for future booking during the time a ban is issued, which is detailed in their lifetime ban letter; and these types of clients can submit an appeal around the decision.