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Woman Contracts Illness From Caribbean Seen In Cats/Dogs

Dorathy Gass

Most people get a nice tan from a Caribbean vacation, maybe some cool souvenirs, and a lot of fun memories. One woman from Pennsylvania however, contracted a parasitic illness when a worm tunneled under her skin.

Feel the eebie jeebies yet? You may not be the only one!

While the woman felt fine once she arrived home post-vacay, feeling refreshed from a nice holiday, about two weeks later the 45-year-old reported and itchy rash, and raised skin on her knee. While she ignored the rash at first, she did eventually see her physician, who sent her to the hospital. Once there, medics were able to diagnose the issue, which was referred to ask cutaneous larva migrans, a parasite infection. While the illness is quite rare, it generally is a condition that affects cats and dogs.

MSN advised that the women’s rash took the shape of red snake-like line on her knee. These lines are just skin left behind as the hookworm burrowed its way under the woman’s skin. The rash was reportedly described as a ‘textbook example’ of what the infection tends to look like
Does sound very gross, but the good news is with some medication the Pennsylvanian woman is healing well and in recovery mode. While the name of the woman has not been revealed, the case has made its way into the Journal of Emergency Medicine.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), these types of infections are the most common worldwide, as it relates to parasitic illnesses. And it makes no wonder how the worm made its way into the woman’s skin, as these types of parasites are generally found in climates that are moist and warm.

A person can become infected by a hookworm when the larva tunnels its way within an individual’s skin, and makes it to the person’s small intestines. There it can develop and lay its eggs. The eggs then eject into a person’s stool, and the cycle of life for these little hookworms simply start over again.

Still, the good news is, the type of worm found within this woman was one that typically chooses cats and dogs as their host, rather than a human!