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A Woman Battles To Save A Man’s Life On Ryanair Flight

Dorathy Gass

A female passenger recently battled to save a man’s life for approximately 40 minutes while en route from Fuerteventura (in the Canary Islands) to Liverpool, during a Ryanair flight. Her fellow passenger, a male, was suffering from a heart attack. Despite heavy turbulence, the unnamed traveler continued to work on the man, as the plane was deterred to Cork, Ireland.

An eyewitness, Ms. Dollah, recalls, that the female passenger (who was flying with two children), came forward when a call was made for a doctor aboard the flight. The woman responded stating she had “14 years” of airline work experience. Sadly, the male passed away later in hospital, however Ryanair passengers have been praising the woman, calling her a hero. As Dollah notes, the weather caused the plane to tilt significantly before landing; and while the other passengers screamed, the female flyer continued to take care of the man, and never stopped. Dollah also added that the female traveler’s children watched quietly, and didn’t flitch at any moment. The eyewitness states that the woman inspired her, and she will never look at life quite the same.

MSN reported that the male passenger that suffered the heart attack was met by an ambulance as soon as the plane was on the ground, and unfortunately died when at the hospital.

A Ryanair representative commented on the incident saying that the Fuerteventura to Liverpool flight was diverted to Cork, after a passenger became sick on board. He goes on to state that the crew called and requested medical assistance ahead of landing, and the plane landed normally, where there were medics their awaiting its arrival. He also stated that passenger was sent to the hospital, but sadly passed on. The Ryanair rep also added that the company extends their deepest sympathies to the family of the deceased.