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Woman Banned From All U.S. National Parks

Dorathy Gass

A woman has recently been banned from all National Parks across the United States, for vandalising protected rocks. The woman defaced these rocks with by painting odd symbols and images on them, including some from her social media sites.

Casey Nocket, 23 years of age, is known as Creepytings on some of her social media handles, and she took pleasure in posting her vandalism works on Tumblr and Instagram pages.

Nocket faces a two-year probation period that includes being banned from all U.S. National Parks. Judge Sheila K. Oberto also sentenced the women to 200 hours of community work. U.S. attorney, Phillip Talbert notes that the numerous defacement of rock formations across the United States showed that the defendant had a lack of respect, not only for public national treasurers, but also the law. He goes on to state that the U.S.’s National Park Service has worked diligently to restore these rock formations in their natural state, via clean-up work within five of the seven parks Nocket visted. He goes on to say that the efforts for clean up at Crater Lake and Death Valley parks are expected as soon as weather permits these actions.

MSN exposed that according to reports, Nocket used acrylic paint to deface these rocks, in a number of national parks, over 26 days, in 2014. She autographed each vandalism act with her ‘Creepytings’ social media name, posting photographs of these defacements, once completed, on her pages.

Sadly, some of the defacements have been quite challenging to remove, as the chemical stripping and sandblasting techniques used to clean up this type of paint can cause irreversible damage to the rocks, and other aspects of nature, within the parks.

Nocket’s Creepyting social media pages have been removed, after a public outcry regarding the situation. Unfortunately, other media outlets and people have been able to copy those pictures, and create other accounts, claiming to be Creepyting, and posting about Nockets’ crimes. One of Nocket’s original posts about the situation noted that what she did was ‘art’, and ‘not vandalism’. She goes on to state that she is an ‘artist’.

When all was said and done, Nocket was charged with seven counts of injury or depredation towards government property of six national parks across the U.S.; Oregan, Utah, Colorado, and California. The young female ended up pleading guilty, to all accounts.