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Woman Banned From Qantas Airport Lounge Because Of Uggs

Dorathy Gass

Ugg boots have hit another controversy lately, and this time it has to do with an airport lounge. A woman was recently denied from a business-class lounge, all because she was wearing Uggs.

Joanne Catherall, who some may know as the front singer for The Human League, was upset after she was denied entry into the Qantas Airline lounge at the Melbourne Airport because of her boots. She hopped on to Twitter in rage, letting followers know that her Ugg boots were considered sleepwear by Qantas staff, which is why she wasn’t allowed in.

A Qantas representative responded to Catherall’s tweet stating that the company aims to remain consistent when it comes to the lounge dress code and their guests. The tweet-reply also contained a link to the lounge’s dress guidelines.

Interestingly enough, the lounge’s dress rules bans Ugg boots specifically and has placed them under the category of ‘sleepwear’. Qantas’ dress code also prohibits flip-flops, slippers, gym wear, beach wear, and other casual types of clothing.

Still, Catherall replied to the Qantas tweet by questioning why Ugg boots were considered sleepwear under their guidelines when they are worn outdoors, in all weather.

She wasn’t the only one who questioned why the airline would place the boots as sleepwear. revealed that Twitter followers chimed in, in agreeance, questioning the very same thing.

Catherall would also tweet the fact that she’s never had issues getting into other Qantas airport lounges in Adelaide and Perth while wearing her Uggs. Still, the Qantas representative replied back stating that each lounge is subject to the team’s discretion.

While dress codes seem appropriate when it comes to flying first or business class, what about the right to warm feet while on an airplane? This idea has to trump any perceived notion of what might seem like sleepwear or not.