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Woman Adopts Son After Random Plane Encounter

Dorathy Gass

A chance encounter on an airplane has recently brought together a beautiful blended-family bond. In 2016, Samantha Snipes was devastated to find out she was pregnant with her abusive boyfriend’s baby. She gained the courage to leave him and headed home to live with her mom, while 12 weeks pregnant. Her mother offered to raise the baby, but Samantha knew in her heart that it wasn’t what she wanted for her unborn child.

Fast forward some weeks and an eight-month pregnant Snipes decided to visit her new boyfriend in North Carolina. Missing her connecting flight and booking a new one, she was seated next to Temple Phipps on the plane. Snipes recalled that Phipps was sweet and welcoming; the woman was the right person she needed to talk to during a time of confusion around what the plan was for her the child she was carrying. reported that the women would spend the entire plane ride talking and sharing stories. Snipes brought Temple up to speed on her situation, and Phipps revealed that she had always wanted kids.

While the two ladies went their own separate ways after the plane landed, Snipes would unexpectedly end up giving birth to her son three weeks prematurely while visiting her boyfriend. While Samantha relayed how supportive he was the entire time; however, she had a longing to reach out Phipps. So, she called her, and Temple agreed to come for a visit – and she fell in love with the newborn boy instantly.

With Samantha watching on, the new mom saw the instant connection the two had while Temple was holding the baby and knew in her heart what to do: she asked Phipps to adopt her son.

Temple was happily surprised. At the age of 42 and single, she agreed to adopt baby Vaughn. Two weeks later, she took him home and in August of last year, the adoption was made official.

Snipes has moved to North Carolina to be closer to Vaughn and Temple, and the three now share a very beautiful and unique family relationship. As Samantha puts it, Temple is a friend, sister, mom, and mother to her son. Temple is simply her family now.

The women plan to write a book about their story, and the two chat every day. More importantly, both are forever appreciative of the random plane encounter that helped to create this unique blended family.