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Who Wins The ‘Most Annoying Flyer’ Award?

Dorathy Gass

On average, an individual takes about five flights annually, which means that the rate of annoying people that you may run into on an airplane inevitably increases!

Well, recently dived into the idea of annoying individuals and flying by launching their 2018 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette study to see what kinds of people can be annoying when traveling.

Travelweek advised that Global Head of Communications for Expedia, Nisreene Atassi recently chimed in on the study stating that whether an individual has been on a hundred vacations or just one, most have experienced some kind of annoying behavior by a fellow traveler. Attassi relayed that the goal for Expedia’ study was to understand the biggest pet peeves people have while traveling and provide tips to help minimize the annoyances they experience.

So, what kind of annoying traveler hit the number one spot in Expedia’s study when it came to airplanes? For the fourth year in a row, it was the infamous ‘seat kicker’ named as the ‘worst’ type of traveler to encounter while on a flight, gaining 51 percent of the study’s votes.

Whether they are adults or children, mostly everyone has experienced this type of passenger at one point or another while on an airplane. So, who hit second place? Those ‘aromatic’ passengers, who you can smell a mile away. They grabbed 43 percent of the study votes when it came to annoying.

Landing in the top five of annoying passengers included: Inattentive parent, hitting third place at 39 percent; those violators of personal space followed at 34 percent; and the fifth spot went to those passengers who are audio insensitive, gaining 29 percent of the vote.

Other fun facts revealed from Expedia’s study when it came to annoying airplane passengers? More than 90 percent of respondents worldwide stated that is not okay, and actually gross, to go barefoot on an aircraft. Most who fly want no chit chat, with 90 percent stating they like to be left alone when flying, and 69 percent stating they liked to sleep during the flight to pass time. And the stats don’t just end there. Fifty-four percent of respondents agreed that it’s acceptable to wake up a fellow passenger who is snoring.