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Will This Week’s Tragedies Ruin Summer Travel Revenue to Central Florida?

Jaclyn Hughes

The beginning of June is typically an incredible start to the summer tourist season for the entire state of Florida. Business owners can gauge exactly how much revenue they may bring in during the next few popular vacation months, and the days are long and full of sunshine. This June in 2016 however, is going to be a stark contrast in comparison to past summers without question after the events that have sadly taken place over the past few days in the southern state.

In just a matter of days the central region of Florida has suffered tremendous loss, and in several tragic fashions as well. From the deadly massacre at a popular nightclub in Orlando called “Pulse”, where 49 club attendees were shot and killed, and 50 others were injured or wounded, to a singer participant on the TV show “The Voice”, Christina Grimmie being shot and killed, to the horrific lagoon accident involving a toddler being grabbed and drowned by an alligator near a Disney resort, Florida certainly has had a terrifying week.

Similar to the aftermath just following the 9/11 tragedy, many commerce specialists believe that people tend to flock to these cities that have already suffered so much loss, and pay their respects by spending time and money there. Considering all of these situations that have occurred recently have literally been one off, isolated incidents, many feel that it will not harm the businesses in Florida one bit. The overall general safety of travelers and hotel visitors are not at this time in any security risk whatsoever, and not continuing with previously scheduled vacation plans to the central Florida area due to this week’s events would be unnecessary.

Tampa Bay website encourages travelers to forge onward with their trips, and if anything to celebrate the areas that have suffered a loss in the past few days by paying them a visit. Florida has earned itself a fantastic reputation as a relaxing state to take the whole family to and relax in the sunshine. It’s with no hesitation that the central area will bounce back from this week’s devastation as millions around the globe have shown immense support for those involved in the incidents, and all of the families linked.