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What Will Be The Most-Popular Destinations In 2018?

Dorathy Gass

While the holidays are an incredible time of year, many can’t wait for 2018 to hit so they can enjoy some travel and fun.

Wondering what the most-popular travel destination will become the new year? Wait no longer! Airbnb organized a 2018 Travel Trend Forecast report recently, composing it from booking figures via their website. The numbers stemmed from increases in bookings, percentage-wise.
Wondering which spots made the list? Drum roll, please …

Readers Digest reported that the number one destination for 2018 seems to be Gangneung, South Korea at a whopping 2,175 percentage rate. Bournemouth, United Kingdom came in at second (with 353 percent); Edmonton, Canada snagged the third spot with 284 percent; Indianapolis hit fourth with 256 percent; and Da Nang, Vietnam rounded up the top five with 255 percent.

Other destinations in the top ten included: Columbus, Ohio (254%), Gazimagusa, Cyprus (234%), Bilbao, Spain (234%), Hanoi, Vietnam (212%), and Matinhos, Brazil (209%).

Some may be alarmed by the number one travel destination for 2018, but Gangneung is located next Pyeongchang, which also happens to be the location of the 2018 Winter Olympics Games. The report also indicates there is an increase within the United State to travel within the midwestern region (thus, Indianapolis showing up in the top five), and it seems that the Canadian Rockies (Edmonton) are becoming a hot destination spot as of late too. As always, Asia, Europe, and South America are always popular travel areas, so no big surprises when it comes to Matinhos, Bournemouth, and Guangzhou.

Still, Airbnb also released the top 10 most popular cities travelled to as well, due to their numbers around booking volume, and they might seem more familiar to everyone:

Tokyo hit number one; Paris grabbed the silver spot; Osaka was at third; NYC hit number four; and London was at number five. Rounding the top ten included: Rome, Orlando, Miami, Sydney, and Lisbon.