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Will The Paris Attacks Affect Tourism?

Dorathy Gass

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the city has closed down major attractions, including the Eiffel Tower; as France’s President Francois Hollande announced a state of emergency for the entire country, and a mourning period of three days for all throughout the nation.

As the entire world mourns, many wondering how this will affect tourism for Paris, and all of France, moving forward. While some tourists that have been planning on visiting the city and country have a slight concern, many do not want to miss out on visiting the nation, due to fear.

Still, another thing to think about is the fact that many Paris landmarks are currently closed to the public, making it an easy decision for many to reconsider their trip for a later date; or scrap the idea all together. The official webpage for the Eiffel Tower currently states the attraction is closed until further notice. Paris’ Disneyland is also currently shut down, and will remain closed until after the country’s official mourning period. Additionally, Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has provided information on their website regarding what is, and what is not closed in terms of monuments and museums in the beautiful, yet grief-stricken, city.

CNN reports that tourists entering the country are being told that there are increased border controls put in place, and travel within the city could be restricted. While France’s airports are open, and flights are still coming in and out of Paris, there are some airlines that have cancelled flights. Eurostar rail is currently opened and providing service, however travelers are being told to be patient around wait times, to ensure for more thorough security while checking in.

While after these events, many may now be too frightened to travel to Paris, Rick Steves, travel personality, added some insight on his Facebook and blog regarding the attacks on Friday, stating it was an ‘isolated incident’. He notes, there is a difference between risk and fear, and we owe the victims of these attacks, to not allow terrorists to win through fear.