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White House Expects Travel Order To Be Restored

Dorathy Gass

The White House seems confident that the recent travel ban on travelers and refugees from seven Muslim countries ordered by President Donald Trump will be restored by courts. The president’s team has an opportunity on the evening of February 6th to argue the benefits of the ban and respond to a Washington state and Minnesota lawsuit claiming the order offers discrimination and harms residents.

The San Francisco appeals court has since declined a bid from the Justice Department to immediately put aside the ruling from U.S. District Court Judge James Robart’s that has placed a brief hold on the travel order. President Trump has since gone on a Twitter rant regarding Robart, stating that the decision he had made was ‘ridiculous’. Trump added additional tweets on February 5th posting his disbelief around Robart’s decision, questioning why a judge has placed America in such peril. VP Mike Pence also noted that the U.S. does not appoint judges to district courts for foreign policy decision making or when it comes to the nation’s security.

Trump seemed confident though, on Saturday night while at his Florida private club, where the U.S. president told reporters that they will ‘win’. Stating that for the safety of the U.S., they ‘will win’.

Trump’s government informed the San Francisco court that only the president has the power to make a choice on who can come into or stay in the U.S.; a statement that seems to have created a larger issue as it relates to illegal immigration.

According to a filing for the court, Congress bestows full ‘discretion’ to the U.S. President to place conditions when it comes to the entry of foreigners in the country and that power is mostly ‘immune’ from controls of the judicial system.

Trump’s tweets about Robart, who was appointed by George W. Bush while he was in office, incited comments from Democrats, as well as Republicans. As Senator Ben Sasse stated, the U.S. does not have ‘so-called’ judges. He goes on to say that the country does not have ‘so-called’ senators or presidents; he noted that America has a government that is divided into three different branches; all of which have taken an oath for the Constitution. Still, VP Pence defended Trump by stating the president can criticize anyone he likes. He also added that he thinks the people of the U.S. find it refreshing that they can understand the mind of the president, as well as how he feels about things.

According Travel Week, the State Department has reported some 60,000 travelers from the seven countries listed in the order had visas cancelled. After Robart’s ruling, that was overturned and those individuals were allowed to travel to the United States as long as they possessed a valid visa. The department also stated that refugees that were going to travel to the country before the ban, were now allowed to do so.