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Wearable Technology is the New Trend for Business Travelers

Jaclyn Hughes

If you are like millions of others waking up early to catch a redeye for a work function, listen up as wearable technology could totally change the amount of time you sacrifice doing paperwork and checking in. What is wearable technology? It’s this amazing new practice of creating devices and other physical products that people wear to replace traditional methods of technology. For example, showing your identification at the airport used to be a paperwork process that you had to keep on you at all times, but such is no longer the case. You can now flash your wearable technology at the gate and get in without ever reaching for your wallet or purse. Pretty awesome, right? Recently, the Skift team was kind enough to break down their wearable favorites for the coming year and share the news with the rest of us.

Wearable Technology Products:

  • Google Glass- This is such a cool product, it’s basically eyeglasses (yes, you can get prescription ones) that can do everything from give you the local weather forecast, to navigation details, to tracking your run outside yesterday. It packs a heavy techy punch with built in GPS, recording capabilities, and even voice recognition.
  • Aloft Smart- This is an app every work traveler needs that has suffered a long flight delay and just wants to climb into their hotel bed and pass out. The application allows the user to check into their hotel rooms without ever stopping by the front desk. It gives you a code that opens your door.
  • Sigmo- This device can be clipped on your tie, pants, or handbag, and what it does is translate speech into 25 various languages. It’s a real-time translator which is rare, and is so simple to use you only program it to the native language you comprehend then push the button and allow it to hear your conversations and translate any speech that is foreign to you.
  • SunFriend- This is a wearable wristband that tracks exactly how much sun you’ve been exposed to and alerts you when you’ve been outside soaking up too many harmful UV rays. This is perfect for parents who want to keep their kids safe on a beach day, or those who work outdoors all day and perhaps have no idea how much sun damage they are getting every day.
  • Car Assistant- If only this was available to business travelers for the past 30 years! This is an application that tracks your mileage for work so that you no longer have to upload it into one of those hideous expense reports. It uploads addresses, time spent there, mileage, and every pit stop so don’t run to the bar on that business luncheon if you don’t want your boss to know!
  • Apparel- Currently, many of the larger tech companies are in the production phase of creating new materials of tops that have the ability to cool you down when you’re body temperature gets too hot, and vice versa when you’re too cold.

With over 20 million wearable devices shipped out from retailers in 2014, this news should come as no surprise. Technology is going to continue to grow at rapid speed, and for those who want to spend less time tracking our day for work, these products and apps are incredibly useful.