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Virgin Islands Paying Travelers To Come Visit

For those who are living with cold temperatures, snow, and other terrible weather conditions thanks to winter, there is some good news! Turns out the U.S. Virgin Islands is looking visitors! In fact, they are willing to give travelers $300 worth of spending credits to vacation with them.

Who’s ready to pack and head to beach?

In all seriousness, to honour their centennial milestone around the U.S. purchasing the islands from Denmark, visitors who go to St. Croix, St. Thomas, and/or St. John for a minimum of three nights in a row will be given spending credits from the Virgin Islands for tourist activities. To boot, those who visit in March will also get a ‘Transfer Day’ commemorative souvenir to mark the day that Denmark gave the islands to America, which happens to be March 31st.

The good news is, you can even book well after the anniversary to still receive the spending credits! There are some minor stipulations though: the trip needs to be booked before October 1st of this year and travelers must visit the Islands sometime within 2017 to get that $300 in spending.

MSN reported that travelers to the Virgin Island can redeem the credits by staying with hotels participating in the initiative. Those interested in taking advantage of this promotion can find out more by visiting the Virgin Island’s tourism website.

In addition, for those looking into flying options within the U.S., and on the east coast, United, Delta, and American provide nonstop flight to the Islands. JetBlue also provides travel to the Islands, with connecting flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Once you’ve landed, there are a plethora of ferry options for travelers to reach their island destination. Please note though, those women who are trying to conceive or that are already pregnant should read through the travel advisory released by the CDC regarding the Zika virus and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is very important to understand and be aware of the hazards to both you and your baby before even considering the idea of travelling to this region.

Last, but not least, winter time is the busiest time in the Caribbean, as many who are suffering with the cold weather are looking for an escape. As such, for those looking for even more of a deal, prices to the U.S. Virgin Islands should lower after their celebration in March.

With a $300 spending credit incentive … who wouldn’t want a week in paradise?