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Virgin Flight Hostess Resigns Over FB Comment On Rita Ora

Dorathy Gass

A flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic stated that she was recently forced to resign from her job due to a comment she posted on social media about pop star Rita Ora.

Charlotte Whittingham, 25 years of age, had recently served the Hot Right Now singer while on a flight and told her girlfriend, Stacey McClean aged 29, all about it. Said girlfriend would eventually post a status on Facebook about how lucky Whittingham was. Charlotte in turn would reply to the FB status stating that the singer was ‘flawless’ and ‘gorgeous’, also going on in the post about the fact that Ora resembled a beautiful ‘oil painting’.

Sadly, the Facebook post, which was only visible to the two women friends, cost Whittingham her flight job in the end.

While Whittingham relayed that she’s a fan of Ora, but remained professional during the flight, she went on to state that the singer was so ‘gorgeous’ and ‘friendly’ she wanted to share this. She also noted that she paid the singer a compliment and never thought she’d lose her job over it.

Whittingham called McClean back, crying, telling her to delete the Facebook status, however the damage was already done. Two weeks later, the former flight hostess was called by her bosses at Virgin Atlantic, who stated she needed to resign. If she didn’t quit, she would be canned due to breach of data protection.

Rita Ora, singer and also former judge of The X Factor was on her way to Los Angeles from London along with comedian Keith Lemon.

The Sun reported that Whittingham had wished to resolve the situation and even had meetings with bosses at Virgin Atlantic, however in the end, the powers that be informed her it was best to quit. A spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic commented on the situation, stating that the company respects the privacy of both employees and clients, and therefore they could not comment on any certain instances.

However, they did note that overall, they have high standards of what they expect from all staff to make sure client privacy is upheld across Virgin Atlantic.