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An Update For Tourists Heading To Greece

Dorathy Gass

With the economic turmoil continuing in the beautiful country of Greece, many tourists heading to that area are left wondering if they should cancel their vacation. While there is some uncertainty, vacationers are being advised that additional precautions may be needed when travelling to Greece; however ditching your Greece vacation plan all together may not be needed. Here is an overview what CNN advises Greek tourists to know before travelling to the country.

Money: There is some added inconvenient when it comes to financial transactions within Greece right now. As banks have been closed for over a week, and ATM withdrawal limits have been placed on customers within the country (tourists do not apply to these ATM restrictions); longer wait times at ATM machines are to be expected. In fact, there may machines that may not have cash in them. As such, many are advising that those travelling to Greece take out a little bit more cash than usual, before heading to the country. In fact, experts are now stating travelers should potentially take out enough money to hold them over for their entire vacation while in Greece. While the possibility that Greece drops back to the drachma, and drops out of the euro is quite unlikely; should this happen, the U.S. dollar and euro will still be accepted at most businesses throughout the country.

Credit cards: It’s important to note, credit cards are currently working in terms of transactions; however with Greek banks in turmoil, there is a possibility they may no longer work, at some point.

Safety issues: While there have been some recent demonstrations in Athens, Greece is still the hospitable country that is known around the world for welcoming tourists. While some mainland cities seem to have had protests as of recent, signature vacation spots on the Greek Islands remain demonstration-free.

Ferries: Speaking of the Greek Islands, the mode of transportation for most tourists to the splendor and beauty of Greece’s vacationing islands are ferry boats. While there is fear that the ferries could stop, not allowing tourists to hit their destination spots – or even worse – leave them stranded on their way home; experts are calming these worries down. Most of these transport businesses are privately-owned, and have no connection to Greece’s public sector or government.

Food shortages: There is a bit of a he said/she said situation when it comes to food. While there have been reports of basic over-the-counter medicines and food staple shortages; others have claimed that store shelves are all stocked up. However, as tourism is a big industry for Greece and in many ways a top priority right now, experts are noting that these potential shortages will not affect tourists in any way, shape or form.