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Universal Studios Opens Harry Potter-Themed Attraction

Dorathy Gass

Who isn’t a fan of Harry Potter; whether that be the movies or the book series? Universal Studios in Hollywood is betting on this fact, unveiling the Wizarding World of Harry Potter recently. The five million-dollar attraction, that was five-years in the making, was launched by Universal, this past April 7th, amongst thousands of Harry Potter fans who were at the entrance in the wee morning hours; eagerly awaiting to be the first to set foot on Wizarding World. In fact, ticket sales for the attraction sold out days prior to the opening, causing Universal to stop online sales; a first for the park.

While the J.K Rowling’s fictional book series was first released in 1997, spanning close to twenty years now, fans are still quite interested and intrigued with the world of Harry Potter; with a new generation of readers currently falling in love with the books, and movies.

CNN reported that on top of all that, Wizarding World of Harry Potter boasts a new ride that showcases technology that is a first within the United States; a roller coaster, called the Forbidden Journey, that features 3D high definition. The Journey provides an insight to the Hogwarts’ corridors and classrooms, which stands high above the castle grounds; and offers riders a few fun bumps and jumps along the way.

The hope is, this new Potter-inspired attraction will help to increase visitors to Southern California, and further enhance its reputation as a hub for outstanding must-see theme parks. Eric Garcetti, the mayor of LA, walked along the red carpet opening of the Potter attraction at Universal, stating that he ‘literally’ has six wands within his city hall office. Clearly a Harry Potter super fan himself, Garcetti also made a vow to try and bring in approximately 50 million visitors to LA, by 2020.

The Wizarding World attraction may be new to Universal, but it isn’t the first Harry-inspired themed attraction to pop up. One initially debuted in Orlando’s Universal in 2010, and then in 2014, one created a magical stir in Japan.

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