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Underwater Museum Opens In Spain

Dorathy Gass

It has taken about two years now, but Atlantic Museum (Museo Atlántico) is finally complete and taking on visitors. Accessible only to divers and snorkelers (and sea life that surrounds it, of course), the newest attraction off the Spanish Island Lanzarote (located deep down within the waters) is being dubbed as the first underwater museum in Europe.

The museum is located from about 12 to 15 meters on Las Coloradas Bay’s seafloor, and the attraction has over 300 sculptures that have been created by Jason DeCaires Taylor, international artist. The human statues will act as part of the reproduced reef, which will also act as a site for local species to breed. The entire area of the museum is 50 x 50 meters.
While the museum has been open since last March, visitors are now invited to see the entire underwater spectacle in its completed glory. reported that the idea was spun by DeCaires Taylor, who stated the goal was to create a portal to a new world. The artist has also supplied other sculptures for underwater museums located in the Antilles, Bahamas, and Mexico.

Not only are Jason’s statues awe-inspiring, but he also uses environmentally friendly concrete for his pieces, that lay out everyday life scenes with a goal to increase awareness around oceanic issues.

DeCaires Taylor added that he wants individuals to have a greater understanding around oceans, as well as threats that it faces.

What are some of the artistic pieces one can see if they decide to take the plunge? One sculpture within the underwater museum called ‘Content’ shows two people taking a sub-aquatic selfie. Another ‘The Rubicorn’ has 35 statue humans walking under waves.

Interested in checking it out? It is said that diving tours take place daily for a variety of locations on Lanzarote, and they start at about $49. A must-do attraction for anyone traveling to this area.