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U.S. Issues Travel Alert Around European Terrorist Threats

Dorathy Gass

A huge heads up to any American who is thinking about traveling to Europe, or currently resides anywhere in the continent. The U.S. State department recently issued a new travel alert warning their citizens around a risk of terrorist attacks in this region throughout the summer months.

The travel alert was released on Monday, May 1st, with the State Department stating that al-Qaida, the infamous Islamic State group, plus affiliates, hold the ability to organize and execute acts of terrorism within Europe. Officials within the United States are worried about the possibility of attacks in the near future, with summer right around the corner. Rightfully so, considering the recent string of terrorism sweeping through Britain, France, Sweden, and Russia.

The travel statement went on to note that Americans need to be especially careful when attending high-profile and/or large events within Europe, with a particular focus on the high-traffic travel season heading into the summer months. The last time the State Department issued an alert of this sorts for Europe was November 2016, where the alert expired in February of this year. This travel alert is set to close come September 2017 … around the same time kids head back to school and parents return to work.

Here’s hoping that this travel alert is for precautionary concerns, only. With the wave of terrorist attacks that have hit worldwide as of late, another one happening during a busiest travel season in the year could create a huge impact on the travel industry, especially for a continent like Europe, which is known for its travel and tourism experiences.

Sadly though, Travelweek reports that terrorism has become a reality in this day and age, and travel alerts of this nature are nothing new. In the long run, they help to keep everyone vigilant and aware, should an unfortunate circumstance occur while they are away from home.