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Two Strangers Help Mom Deal With Nightmare Flight

Dorathy Gass

We get by with a little help from our friends, but sometimes strangers can act as guardian angels when we need them. Such is the case during a recent flying experience for Alyson Hershelman. A U.S. resident, she recently was having a trying time when it came to flying with her family when two strangers came to the rescue and turned things around.

She and her family were initially late for a flight when she needlessly lined up at the airport which delayed them by 45 minutes. As a result, they rushed to their gate and watched the plane take off without them. They did get on a later flight, but were placed in differing areas of the plane. Hershelman herself was placed in the middle seats with her on-the-go toddler; which can make a flight tedious with a little who can’t be contained.

MSN reported that she posted the entire scenario on a Facebook page known as Love What Matters. She was so overwhelmed with the experience she had from two strangers, she was inspired to share it on social media.

As she notes, one man switched seats with her hubby, without even being asked; and she goes on to say the gesture meant a lot to all of them. She adds that a sweet woman named “Shelly” held her toddler, which allowed the littler girl the distraction of looking out the window and even held the little one for a small sleep. Alyson adds that she thanked God that out of all the people she could’ve sat next to, it was Shelley.

Other parents who saw the FB post chimed in, commenting on their own travel experiences and how the kindness of strangers have made all the difference in the world. Parents who saw the post on Facebook commented and began sharing their own experiences.

One mother wrote about flying alone with her 16-month-old son; finding herself between two men. The one man allowed the toddler to crawl over him to check out his window and held him until he was tired and passed him back to his mom. The gentleman on the other side allowed the little boy to walk around in front of him, despite the limited leg room.

And while there is a stigma to flying with children, and some people’s distain of it, it is nice to know that there are those who ‘understand’ the plight of parents flying with kiddos … and that are willing to lend a hand.