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Twitter Rant Documents Worst Flyer Ever

For those who frequently fly the friendly skies, you know how stressful the entire process can. Going through security checks, a hurry-up-and-wait philosophy, by the time you board the plane to get where you are going, you can be utterly exhausted. Then there is the flight itself, and if it is a long and grueling one the only silver lining is traveling next to a normal person who can provide light small talk, without too many other annoyances. Alas, every once and awhile you get stuck travelling with a rude passenger nearby who has zero manners, loves to snore, and has no problem releasing bodily gas at the drop of a hat.

If you have ever thought for one moment that you were on a flight with the world’s rudest or worst passenger flying along with you, think again. Recently Kumail Nanjiani, Pakistani-American stand-up comic, documented on Twitter a flight with probably the worst passenger to ever board an airplane.

MSN reported that Nanjiani hopped on the social media platform to rant about a passenger he flew with that proceeded to take off his pants during the flight and lounge around in his boxers. His Twitter storm goes on with another post, highlighting the fact that the flyer didn’t hide his pant-less state, rather he proceeded to spread his legs on the opposite wall where he was sitting. Tweets from Nanjiani go on to note that when the flight attendants tried to ask the man to lower his legs, as passengers were making their way through the area, he was rude about it, lowered his legs for five minutes, and then re-thrusted one leg back up. The passenger was also rude to the airline crew, and was in the way when wheelchair flyers as they were attempting to board the plane to begin with.

To boot, the annoying flyer ignored the seatbelt sign as he finally put his pants back on. The worst part? Nanjiani’s final tweet regarding the situation. He stated that the passenger faced no repercussion (no police or security waiting for him as he got off the plane) for going without pants, causing distress to other flyers, and being rude to the cabin crew.

Is there any justice in this world? No man or woman should be allowed to go pant-less during a flight, no matter how long the trip is. Place some comfy pants in your carry-on luggage and change on the plane – or better yet, wear them to the airport! There are always better options to ‘just boxers’ in life … always!