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TSA Changes Screening Procedures

Dorathy Gass

In light of recent terrorist activity across the globe, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently made changes to screening as it relates to body scanners in airports. The TSA has currently set a rule in place where certain travelers will now be required to go through body scanners, regardless of whether or not the passenger has requested a full-body pat down instead.

The TSA commented on the updated protocol with a document, stating that these authorized body scan screenings for some travelers would be issued due to ‘security considerations’ as a safety measure for enhanced security around transport and travel, moving forward.

This update in TSA protocol comes about during a time where there is increased concern as it relates to terrorist plots against commercial aviation, and a need for more security around aviation, and travel.
CNN reported that the agency notes that the advantage of using body scanning technology is it enhances the capabilities of threat detection for non-metallic and metallic objects that could potentially be dangerous; as the body scanners can easily detect threatening weapons that are hidden beneath clothes, that could very well be missed during a pat-down procedure.

The TSA adds that the scanners do not have Advanced Imaging Technologies (AIT), and therefore are not able to store any images, or personal identifiable information. Rather, the software releases an alarm, in where a TSA screen officer can then physical review the area on the body where the scanner has detected something. The technology provides a human body that is generic, and not the individual that is being screened.