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TripAdvisor is Aiming to Making Layovers Easier

Dorathy Gass

TripAdvisor has recently launched pages within its site, dedicated to highlighting the various amenities and attractions in approximately 200 major airports worldwide; making it easier for those travelers who stop during layovers to find what they need or keep them busy while they wait for their next flight. Planned airports that will be on TripAdvisor’s new feature will include London’s Heathrow Airport, as well as JFK International in New York City.

According to Adam Medros, Senior Vice President, Global Products at TripAdvisor about 3.1 billion people travel through airports annually, and spend an average of 150 minutes between the time they arrive to their terminal, to the time they board on their plane.

CNN reports that the goal of these new pages is to help travelers find the amenities they need during a stopover as effectively as possible; as well as help them potentially kill time while they are waiting for their next flight. The pages can also assist visitors of the site to book a hotel at the airport, should they need accommodations. TripAdvisor goes on to say that these pages also allow visitors to rate airport attractions such as: duty-free stores, shops, hotels, restaurants, and airport lounges. In addition, they can find cheap air flight tickets and times within the airport they are in. A ‘Near Me Now’ option will also help travelers locate restaurants, shops, and other amenities through the use of their GPS smartphone.

The first airport that has its very own TripAdvisor page is Singapore’s Changi Airport. According to Aaron Hung, TripAdvisor’s Director of Partnerships, APAC, Changi had approximately 54 million travellers this year, making it one of the top airports worldwide. In addition, their focus on the customer experience makes them TripAdvisor’s natural choice as a launch partner. Some incredible attractions at Changi include: free movie theatres, a butterfly garden, free foot massages and so much more. With all the service options available at Changi, TripAdvisor’s new pages will surely come in handy for anyone who is flying in or out of the infamous airport.