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Have You Tried the New Surprise Getaway Trend?

Jaclyn Hughes

Very few people would ever say no to a quick retreat of any nature amidst a busy workweek, and that is exactly why the “surprise” getaway trend is massive right now. People need a break, and it is zero surprise to anyone as to why with all of the overscheduling happening during the day to day. AFAR magazine has recently released its two cents on the hot topic that is flooding eager travel planners.

How exactly does “surprise travel” work? It’s a fairly simplistic protocol, and actually odd it hasn’t been popular in the past when you think about it. Travelers that are willing to be “surprised” complete a survey; a very detailed survey. It depicts the primary facts needed to plan a getaway for them, such as their budget for their potential trip, their travel interests. Do they wish to be very active whilst out of town, or do they want to be able to sit at five star resort and sip mojitos all weekend? These responses will then be passed down to a travel agency that then books the final arrangements based upon your desires depicted in your survey.

When does the big reveal take place? Good question; most travelers are not remotely aware of where they are headed until one day prior to departure; or some at the airport they are told. If you aren’t fond of trying to pack for a trip you know nothing about, you can request additional details to get the scoop, but what would be the actual point in embarking on the concept of “surprise travel” if you hate surprises? It’s a very “live in the moment” type of thinking, and one that can certainly be welcomed by many who are just aiming to get a break from their monotonous routines. This may begin as a phase that appeals to a younger demographic at first, just purely based on their heightened level of spontaneity, but over time one could safely presume more and more will jump on the bandwagon to see what their next adventure can bring.