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Treat Yourself To A Maple Syrup Bath In Japan

Dorathy Gass

Nothing like a whopping pile of decadent maple syrup to bath your waffles or pancakes in come breakfast time. But what about indulging in this pleasure yourself … literally! Sounds like a sticky situation to get into, but a spa resort in Japan has visitors diving right into the idea.

Where can you to jump right in? The Japanese Hakone Kowakien Yunessun hot springs spa and water amusement park is apparently where all this syrupy action is taking place. But don’t be fooled, maple syrup baths aren’t their only unique experience, as the resort is known for providing patrons with different ideas when it comes to bathing in the past. They have provided options from green tea, to ramen, coffee, and wine mixed into your bath water. However, this newer maple syrup concept has been brought forward, seemingly, to acknowledge a special occasion. In an effort to celebrate the 60th birthday of Morinaga’s pancake mix, a confectionery brand in Japan, the spa is providing what they are calling a “hot cake bath”; which consists of a bath that has a scent of maple syrup with hints of vanilla.

MSN reported that while some may be confused, thinking the bath only ‘smells’ like maple syrup, it is being reported that the spa indeed pours real maple syrup into the water three times a day for upkeep reasons. The resort has many different attractions, and the syrup bath can be found in the ‘swimsuit’ area which means, unlike some of the hot springs that would traditionally allow bathers to hop in the nude; this bath, does not. Which is good news for groups of friends and families who want to try out the sticky situation without things having to get … awkward.

If you want to take the maple plunge and are in and around Tokyo, Japan area, the resort is two hours from the city’s Shinjuku station and can be reached via bus or train. However, it is important that this attraction won’t be available forever, as the celebration ends come April 25th.