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More Travelers are Using Uber and Lyft Driving Apps to Get Around While Traveling

Jaclyn Hughes

Does the mere thought of having to hail a cab in a city in another country give you anxiety? What if you don’t speak the native language? Well, for those aiming to travel abroad, that worry is no longer an issue. Taxis, buses, and trains all provide a reliable means of transportation to get you around town, but what if you could take it one step further? Introducing two companies that are changing the way you get rides to your favorite tourist attractions, or even a lift to work if needed.

Uber and Lyft are two businesses that are taking over the often stressful urban driving process. If you live in a city with a horrific business commute during the week, these two powerhouses can offer you a much more pleasant view on the way home. They basically set up a service that sends a driver to your location and rides you where you need to go. It brings an element of driving around with a friend, or having someone else do the dirty work weaving in and out of traffic so you don’t have to.

In larger American cities such as New York or Los Angeles, out of town tourists find difficulty trying to get around and this is such a blessing if you don’t speak or read the local tongue. The programs work via your smartphone and have simplified the need for a ride for thousands in 2014. Many reviews of the apps are that their services are often more reliable than hiring a professional driver, or even more time efficient than catching a local cab.

Recently, a study completed by the University of Berkeley and detailed by the Washington Post divulged that in the 380 participants analyzed, 66% felt that had they opted for the traditional means of taxis or public buses, they would have needed twice as long to get to their destination. How can this be is probably what you’re thinking, right? If a taxi cab moves at relatively the same travel speed as an Uber driver using their own car, how can they get the rider to their location quicker? The smartphone app services have drivers that are eager to give rides as a form of income. The principal then becomes very simple, the more rides they give with excellent service, the more opportunity there will be to raise their income. They use their own cars and operate just as a taxi cab does for those who are unaware of how it works, you may even be interested in becoming a driver for them yourself!

Rates are significantly lower for using Lyft and Uber over hiring a driver from a limousine company as well. You can perform a quick search on their websites or directly through the apps and get a quote to see the price difference yourself. It will provide you with different rates depending on what size vehicle you will need. For those traveling in groups, or with children you may wish to hire a larger car or SUV. They also have flat rates you can look up, but overall the pricing is incredibly affordable for this method of transportation that is considered to be much more driver friendly then taxis, subways, or buses. There is an elevated level of safety that many feel by using the driving apps versus mass public transportation as you can imagine.

For women especially going to and from the city in the evenings, they tend to feel more at ease using the Uber and Lyft services than having to use buses. Check out the apps for yourself and see how simple they are to use. Both are available in most countries all over the world, and may just be your new “go-to” means of transportation when you vacation overseas or in other states.