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Travelers Still Vacationing Despite Issues Around Safety

Dorathy Gass

According Travelzoo, 73 percent of travelers are not changing their vacation plans, regardless of security, safety, or health concerns. The study conducted in October, entitled “How Global Voices Shape Travel Choices: The Impact of Consumer Apprehension on Travel Intention,” in partnership with Chief Marketing Officer Council’s GeoBranding Centre and AIG Travel, also showed that 95 percent of those who participated did take recent global events that could impact their safety into consideration, before planning their vacation destination spot. However, the numbers clearly show that vacationers are still are making travel plans.

Some other interesting findings from the survey include:

  • The largest factors of concern when it came to making a decision about vacation destinations are:
  • Terrorist attacks – 77%
  • Military fighting or conflict – 59%
  • Outbreak when it comes to diseases, or general risks to health – 46%
  • Political issues – 25%
  • Crime rates – 25%

Destinations that travelers consider the safest are:

  • Western Europe – 48%
  • America – 15%
  • Islands – 14%
  • Australia – 8%
  • Canada – 5%

Destinations that travelers consider the least safe include:

  • Middle East – 39%
  • Africa – 15%
  • Egypt – 12%
  • Israel – 8%
  • Turkey – 5%
  • Syria – 5%

Feeling nervous about your next vacation? Here are some tips to think about:
• Knowledge is power. Before you leave for your vacation, stay abreast on news coming out of your vacation spot weeks to months prior to your travel date.
• Book your vacation with someone repeatable. It is a travel agent’s job to stay up-to-date on security and health concerns of the destination spots they are booking for.
• Visit the travel and tourism website for the area you are travelling to, and keep a look out for any advisories that may pop up.
• Look into purchasing travel insurance, it might seem expensive, but will give you peace of mind while you are traveling, and might come in handy in the long run.