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Travel Tips for All Inclusive Mexican Resort

Have you been dreaming about having some fun in the hot Mexican sun? And relaxing at the beach with a ice cold, Margarita in hand? Well, if so, then you may want to consider booking a trip to an all inclusive resort in Mexico. After all, not only are these types of vacations a great way to get away, but many of them can be booked at an extremely reasonable price.

If you haven’t booked this type of vacation before, however, then you may not know what to expect. If so, read these tips for all inclusive resorts in Mexico before you head out!

Choose Your Resort Carefully

You can find a ton of all inclusive trips to Mexico by doing a quick search on the internet, but make sure you do some additional research. It may be tempting to book one of the first, inexpensive deals you find, but if you don’t take the time to read reviews about the resort, you could wind up regretting it.

Thankfully there are plenty of travel websites that post reviews from people who have actually stayed at the resort. By reading their reviews, you’ll likely have a much better idea of what the resort is really like, instead of relying on the company’s own website.

Double Check What’s Covered

You’ll probably come across some great looking deals on the web, but make sure you check what’s actually covered in the resort’s all inclusive package. Some resorts might only offer a certain amount of meals per day, or the package deal might only include a limited menu of food and drinks.

Once you arrive at the resort, make sure you double check with the concierge to see what’s actually covered in your all inclusive package. Some resorts might have restaurants that aren’t part of the deal, or they could offer specialty items that will be charged to your bill. The last thing you need is to find out at check-out that you’ve spent an extra few hundred dollars after all!

Learn the Tipping Etiquette

Many all inclusive resort packages in Mexico do not include a tip, and if you want to have good service while you’re away, you should find out what the tipping etiquette is. Some resorts will hand you a bill, where you can charge a tip to your room. Or, you might stay at a resort where the staff prefers to receive U.S. cash.

You can learn more about the tipping etiquette for where your heading by searching online, and through asking the concierge or staff members when you arrive at the resort.

Get to Know the Staff

In addition to tipping, another great way to have a fantastic time at an all inclusive resort in Mexico, is by introducing yourself to the staff members. Depending on when and where you book your stay, there could be plenty of other tourists drinking, eating and socializing at your resort. If the staff remembers who you are, and that you’re polite and generous, chances are you’ll get much faster and friendlier service!

Be Smart and Stay Safe

Before you leave, it’s a good idea to do some research and consult with a physician, to see if you need any vaccinations or medication before you leave. No one wants to get sick on their vacation.

If you like to drink, then an all inclusive stay may sound great. But if you have too much booze, too fast, your trip could go south in a hurry. Make sure you pace yourself. It may be tempting to pound back drinks since it’s an all inclusive, but doing so could put you in a dangerous position.

In addition, be sure to do some research and talk with the staff, to find out if there’s any places outside of the resort that aren’t safe to visit. Your resort may be secure and packed with great people, but that might not be the case nearby. Also, if you’re planning to visit one of Mexico’s many amazing places, be sure you find out the best and safest way to get there.