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Travel Anxiety Got You Down?

Jaclyn Hughes

Travel anxiety got you down? Delaying the family getaway because you have challenges shaking that travel anxiety? You are one in thousands if this sounds all too familiar that struggle with getting on a plane for work or pleasure. With more people coming forward with their tips and tricks that help them overcome travel worries, more are applying these techniques and getting to travel with a lot less concern.

One great tip reported by ABC News is to force yourself to get on that aircraft by booking a trip that you have been chomping at the bit to go on. Maybe you have been aching to go to the beach, or to see London, or to go skiing in Aspen; whatever makes you excited about going somewhere is what you’re looking for here. Book the trip with someone that you trust; with someone that should you suffer a meltdown at any point will know how to handle it and how to comfort you. This could be a spouse, a best friend, your Mother; you get the idea, comfort is key here.

Next, don’t skip the resources that are there to help you. By this, I mean shelling out the cash to get through the lines as quickly as possible. Pay to skip the security lines, get the boarding upgrades so that you can choose your seat with ease; for families with little ones, those with any disabilities, and those that suffer from flight anxiety, these upgrades can make or break your trip.

Do not become the overthinking trip planner the month of the getaway. Often we put ourselves into these crazy modes of thinking when we are worried or need to utilize our time focusing on something else rather than the fear of flying, but this can often lead to disaster as well. Try to stay calm, put it out of your mind. Go take some yoga classes before your trip, or some even find it useful to speak to their doctors about possibly taking some sort of sleeping medications the week of the trip to help them rest peacefully at night; especially the night before the trip. Do what works best for you, but rest assured you are not the only person that suffers from this, and that with a little experimental efforts, you may be able to totally overcome your travel anxiety.