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Do Travel Agents Still Exist?

Jaclyn Hughes

Unless you never travel, or have no access to the internet, odds are you’ve realized the web can be your one stop shop for travel planning! This would make those of us older than twenty curious if there are still actually travel agents that are employed and surviving this market. One would presume it’s a rare find, right? Perhaps it is, but there are still folks that simply prefer to shop for travel this way and it’s a great thing for agents across the globe to hear.

Ever since websites such as Kayak, or Expedia have exploded, the need to pay a fee to utilize a travel agency would just seem foolish. Or would it? While most of us web-savvy people like the instant gratification we gain from searching for our flights and hotel reservations on our own, there are some advantages to using an agent.

  • Travel agencies can find deals that we average folks know little to nothing about. They know what hotels they can get you into last minute, which ones are not going to be your style, and which ones you can actually afford before you spend a whole day scouring the internet for that Puerto Rican getaway.
  • Some are still overwhelmed by the whole abundance of choices to find travel arrangements. Take Expedia for example, you type in what you’re seeking and then eight different windows pop up begging for your attention. It can be too much for someone who doesn’t have the time to do the legwork, or the patience. Especially senior citizens, and they travel quite a bit keeping agents happily employed.
  • Independent agents started working via home office because there was no longer a need for them to be trapped in an office for forty hours a week anymore. Now that they’ve moved to a more flexible schedule, many also offer travel appointments where they will come to your office or home and review everything with you from start to finish. They come to you now, how wonderful is that?
  • Travel agents have their own software databases that have access to things we could never source on our own. Additionally, agents provide you with detailed information about your destination that you would only find out if you continue to do research on the web for a few hours.
  • Personal touch is also appreciated by many travelers. Some people that go out of town want someone else that knows the business to handle their planning, and with a personal touch. They enjoy having a person that knows what trips they like and how much they can afford on tap that they can call anytime they wish to go away.
  • Travel agents don’t make a ton of money, they roughly make just over 30K annually which is an easy to pill to swallow if you were skeptical they were only helping you get a pricey cruise because you thought they made a fortune off of it. Sure they make something, but not what people assume and they generally care about their clients as well. You certainly don’t want anyone calling you after a trip furious at the arrangements you’ve created for them, so these agents take to heart their roles.

There is always something to be said for having a trustworthy person that professionally obtains your travel plans at a great price year after year. With the new out of office appointments they take, it certainly makes it the easiest process ever to book your next cruise or vacation!