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Which Tourists Give The Most Praise?

Dorathy Gass

According to a new study revealed by, a hotel booking website, the country an individual resides from can tell a lot about how they rate and favor hotels when travelling. The site recently went through the over seven million reviews they have received by tourists from across the globe, to see which countries leaned towards higher and lower ratings when it came to travelling and hotel accommodations.

Travelers from around the world can add hotel reviews onto Agoda after their visit, by simply rating the accommodations from zero to ten within six different categories. The hotel then receives an average score rating, based on the differing numbers.

So which nationality is the most demanding when visiting hotels, and who provides the highest praise?
Well, according to Agoda’s review published on CNN, tourists from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are the hardest to give praise, and provide the lowest scores. As well, Omani and Japanese travelers do not rank too far behind the UAE when it comes to lack of praise or high hotel rating. The fourth and fifth place went to India and Qatar.

Alternatively, travelers from Russia tend to provide the best of the best when it comes to hotel reviews, offering scores that are .56 points higher than travelers from other parts of the world. Egyptian and Irish tourists are apparently also a bit easier to please as well, falling to second and third place respectively, among the study. Rounding out the top five praising countries, were Poland and Israel.

The best and the worst nationalities when it comes to hotel ratings and praise are listed below:
• Russia
• Egypt
• Ireland
• Poland
• Israel
• Sweden
• Philippines
• China
• Finland
• America

• Oman
• Japan
• India
• Qatar
• Portugal
• Hong Kong
• Vietnam
• Belgium
• Pakistan