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Tourism In Paris Is On The Mend

Dorathy Gass

According to France’s Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, Paris’ tourism is slowly recovering after the November 13 terrorist attacks. According to numbers provided by Office du Tourisme et des Congres de Paris, daily hotel occupancy figures decreased by approximately 24 percent during the week after the ISIS attacks; however, the figures are now leveling at 16 percent. Air flight cancellations are also getting back on track, the Office reports.

Macron noted that this week everything is slowly returning to normal, and there is an improvement in the tourism situation.

In related news regarding the Paris attacks, Prosecutor Francois Molins stated that the ringleader for the attacks on Paris, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was killed last week during a police raid. It was understood that he was preparing a suicide bomb attack on November 18/19 on La Defense.

Macron adds that Paris tourism is ‘picking up’. He notes the city is currently on a seasonal market; therefore, it is important that tourism recovers faster for those operators that are only open during the holidays.
The Chambre du Commerce et de L’Industrie de Paris-Ile-de-France (CCI) stated that Paris hotel revenues decreased by 50 percent the week after the attacks. Additionally, traffic in and around large stores in the city decreased by 30-50 percent that week.

Rueters reported that while the Minister states Paris tourism is on the road to recovery, some were not as optimistic. Christian Navet, president of the Paris-Ile de France, French hotel federation (UMIH), noted he hasn’t see any recovery. He adds, there were hotel cancellations after the attacks, and now tourists are not visiting at all; hotels are bare, as the city is heading into Christmas.

Yet, there are those that agree with the Minister. A representative for Printemps Haussmann, a department store in France, said the traffic for their stores decreased by 30 percent a week after attacks, and now those numbers are at 15 percent, noting, that footfall is encouraging, and increasing slowly.

Macron notes it is to early to calculate the impacts these attacks will have on Paris tourism.