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Top Five Wedding Destination Spots For Same-Sex Marriages

Dorathy Gass

Ireland recently made headlines when the country voted to legalize same-sex marriage; something that will now be written into Ireland’s legislation by July 2015. A huge win for the LGBT community, Ireland now joins another 18 international territories that have legalized same-sex marriage, including the District of Columbia and 37 states in America.

With Ireland now expanding the wedding destination venue choices for gay couples, below is
a list that Yahoo travel reported as the top spots across the world for same-sex couples to say “I do”:

1. Tahiti: Who wouldn’t dream of tying the knot in this breathtaking paradise? One of the most romantic spots on the planet, as part of French Polynesia, the Tahitian Islands legalized same-sex marriage back in May 2013. In addition, Tahiti has a rich history of acceptance when it comes to LGBT community; affectionately referring to transvestites as ‘rae rae’, who are quite respected and admired within the Polynesian culture.

2. Argentina: Legalizing same-sex unions in 2010, Buenos Aires (the country’s capital) has a variety of options when it comes to same-sex friendly hotels, cafes, night clubs, and bars; it is also known as the unofficial gay capital of Argentina. Mix in the incredible vibe of the city, with diverse food options, site-seeing, beauty, wonder, and attractions; and Argentina makes an excellent destination wedding spot.

3. Iceland: For those looking for a little something different when it comes to their wedding, Iceland is a great alternative. Providing an incredible romantic setting, with a view of some of the world’s most inspiring natural wonders, including volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, waterfalls and more; the country makes it an easy choice for couples who want to take the plunge in marriage. The country’s Prime Minister and her long-time girlfriend married in 2010, shortly after Iceland legalized same-sex marriage in June of that year.

4. Hawaii: A popular wedding destination for any couple, it was in December 2013 that this state in the U.S. legalized same sex marriage. With beautiful beaches, incredible waters, a diverse set of culinary choices, volcanoes, and so much more; Hawaii provides all the romantic elements for a perfect destination wedding.

5. South Africa: As couple say, “I do”, they can also marvel at the natural beauty, geography, culture, and diverse wild life that surrounds this incredible country. Not to mention, partake in a little wine tasting; aside from Europe, South Africa boasts the longest-running wine industry across the globe. When it comes to trailblazing for the LGBT community, it was in 1994 that South Africa stepped out from the rest of the world to be the first nation to include sexual orientation as a human right within their constitution. Continuing along that path, they were also the only country in Africa to legalize same sex-marriage, passed in November of 2004.

Same-sex couples can now add Ireland to the above list of potential wedding destination spots. Rich in history, the only thing to note about this country is that if couples do decide to take the plunge, both participants need to spend a minimum of 15 days in Ireland, prior to getting a marriage license. Couples must also let local government known of marriage plans, months in advance. This may be well worth the time and effort, as Ireland provides a diverse variety of romantic wedding venue choices, from castles, to greenery backdrops, historic properties, and more.