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Top 5 Las Vegas Buffets

Nora Hughes

When it comes to Vegas buffets, each gambler and gourmand has her own favorites. No delusional foodie or word-spinning journo can ever expect to challenge that. We all have our own tastes and temptations. But regardless of who you are, an important element of the perfect week in Vegas means hitting a monster buffet or three. The Vegas feast circuit almost universally combines mountains of seafood, a roasted meat carving station and endless crab legs presented in well coiffed beds of ice. Vegas buffets range from the simple to the sublime and many have options to fit whatever budget you’re on.

Depending on which food pleases your palate, you have choices ranging from seafood and salad specialists, to small-dish feasts and sophisticated boutique buffets. There are no bad choices here folks, so roll up your tongue and unhand your credit card on the way to excite your senses and stretch your belt size like never before. Below is a list of the best five mid to high-end Vegas buffets: