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Top 15 Most Visited Cities in the U.S.

Jaclyn Hughes

America is so diverse that you can close your eyes and think of an adventure, a place, a cast of characters and an inspired setting… and chances are you can find it in the U.S. From white sand beaches to Rocky Mountain highs, from well-coiffed University campuses to rugged and ruthless desert terrain, from 3 Michelin star restaurants, to sumptuous street food and characters in all shapes sizes, colors, styles and preferences, America has it all. And cities become the epic characters in great adventures on a stage known as the American scene.s Tourists love cities because they showcase the best in history, business and entertainment, food, charm and technology. Whatever makes a city sizzle is just around the corner or along the interstate if you want it. The following are 15 of the most visited cities in America: