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Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market To Become Theme Park

Dorathy Gass

Theme parks are an excellent tourist attraction, with many popular ones popping up all over the globe in an effort to allure visitors to the area. But a fish market turning it a theme park? Yes, this is becoming a thing when it comes to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market.

It was announced recently that the famous fish market in Tokyo would breathe new life, as Tokyo’s governor Yuriko Koike stated that the plans to close the fish market down and sell the site were scrapped. Rather, it was revealed that the fish market, in the heart of Tokyo, would be reopened and redeveloped as a food theme park. The fish market has an incredible 82-year history, and these proposed theme park plans will be taking place over the span of five years.

As it seems, there are proposed plans for relocation, and Koike confirmed that the wholesale fish market will move to a spot in Toyosu, which is located outside the town.

As Koike relayed, the feeling is using both locations would be the best decision, pointing out that protecting and promoting the Tsukiji brand is the reasoning behind this choice. The market was initially going to move into a recently renovated area in Toyosu, in November of 2016.

However, this plan was stopped by Koike last summer, due to concerns around safety regarding toxic substances with the groundwater and soil at the new location. This site was once the location for a gas plant.

Still, for anyone interested in checking out the new location of the fish market or the new theme park, we have some bad news. No date has been set in place for either and no further information around a timeline was given by Koike.

CNN reported that interestingly enough, Tsukiji fish wholesalers do not approve of the fish market move. As per reports, over 70 percent do not like the plan of relocation.