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The Things You Can Love and Hate About Paris

Nora Hughes

Paris is the city of love, lost and found. It’s where proposals are made and it’s one of those exotic places that always seems to end up on people’s bucket lists. Why? Because it’s magical, it’s everything you could ever hope to get out of a once in a lifetime vacation. We all know why it would be great to head to Paris but instead of giving you the travel guide version of Paris, I thought I would set out some advantages and disadvantages of the city of love right from the people who live there.

Things To Love About Paris

  • Cheese- It’s one of those things that you can get in France with untouched quality that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.
  • Fashion- Paris is the fashion capital of the world. When Fashion Week hits, just watch out. Most people that live in Paris dress exceptionally well. You won’t find people hitting up a cafe in yoga pants, instead they don’t leave the house without putting on lipstick.
  • Bread-You can get fresh warm bread on any street in Paris for as cheap as 1 Euro.
  • The city is stunning, lights reflecting off of the stones on the streets will even amaze you.
  • It’s is possible to get a fresh croissant first thing in the morning and it’s life changing.
  • Everyone in Paris is well trained at what they do. Even a job as simple as a florist will require years of training to hone perfection.
  • The Eiffel Tower quite literally sparkles.
  • People who live in Paris typically have around 10 weeks of vacation every year.
  • It’s mom friendly- Everywhere there are places that accommodate mothers with strollers. Even the buses and metro stations take care of moms.

Things To Hate About Paris

Is there such a thing you might ask but maybe it’s more annoyances but here’s the list:

  • The washers and dryers in Paris take forever to give you the desired clothing you want. Even after the clothes have been in the dryer they don’t really dry properly and require a great deal of ironing.
  • Customer service isn’t the best and you can easily find yourself in power struggles to get what you want.
  • Conformity or the idea of needing to “fit in” is important to the people of Paris.
  • Milk is rarely refrigerated.
  • The parks are filled with beautifully landscaped grass but you aren’t allowed to sit on it. It’s decorated so beautifully that it can’t be touched.
  • Being in a hurry doesn’t exist so if you are you might as well forget it. It can take all day to run errands.
  • Stores will close early and randomly for no reason. Hours of operation are not consistent.
  • Speaking the language is a must otherwise you can feel very powerless.