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Taking a Summer Trip? Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

Jaclyn Hughes

You know the feeling; you are exhausted from getting prepared for your trip, but so excited your body runs on pure anticipation as you dart round your house the day of the getaway hoping you have nothing to worry about. Then you are asked the ultimate freak out question “Do you want to purchase travel insurance?” and then the panic sets in. Do you need travel insurance? What exactly is travel insurance? Does everyone secretly buy this and you’ve just been left in the dark all this time?

The cool thing about travel insurance is that it’s sort of an ala carte of insurance buffets. You can opt for medical, evacuation, baggage, cancellation, and even death coverages! Still sound intimidating? Well, here’s the breakdown from USA Today of what you can expect to be issues should you purchase this additional layer of security:

Evacuation coverage is when you are involved with a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane, or a tsunami. Just imagine being stranded abroad with little (or in some cases none at all) additional funds to pull from to seek out reasonable shelter for the day, and how terrifying that could be possibly being stranded somewhere. Opting for the travel insurance can often help financially back you when you need to seek shelter and don’t have the funds.

Medical coverage is for the traveler that becomes suddenly ill and really has no resources for medical care while abroad. Imagine developing an allergic reaction or stomach bug and being in the rainforest somewhere; would be quite the challenge to get to a medical provider not knowing your whereabouts. Travel insurance helps assist with costs of medical costs.

Cancellation coverage is pretty self-explanatory; should an airline be responsible for delaying your travel or cancelling your flights, you are covered for some expenses. There have actually been airliners that went bankrupt as well and with the help of travel insurance, many passengers were compensated.

Death/Dismemberment coverage is very comparative to life insurance policies. Should you be involved in any sort of injury or fatal accident, your family/heirs are generally provided a payout as a result of you opting for travel insurance.

Baggage insurance is when your luggage has been misplaced, stolen, or landed in another destination and has yet to be discovered. While there is nothing that will make it less aggravating having to go buy clothes for your trip upon landing that were lost, at least if you are given funds of any amount it isn’t such a huge burden to cope with.