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Would You Take Your Kids to Travel All 50 States for a Year?

Jaclyn Hughes

You may think that family road trips are a thing of the 1980’s, but let me tell you they are making a comeback in a massive way! I personally take my four boys on as many road trips as possible; kids need to see the world to learn and evolve, and it doesn’t kill them to learn a thing or two about patience and getting around by car either. We all survived it, right? Meet the Webb Family; these Californians are committed to traveling through all 50 United States with their kids along for the journey!

Their approach may seem a tad extreme and you’re correct with that train of thought, as most families cannot take the time off to explore every state. The Webb’s however, are spreading joy through their “Generation of Generosity” campaign across the nation! For the year, they are making a documentary that was recently highlighted by the team at 3BL Media that will showcase their childrens’ creativity. The kids are Jack-11, Solveig-9, and Evie-8.

The parents were inspired by their own personal struggles as a family and recalled a time when they were uplifted by traveling to Mexico and Haiti. They wanted these types of life changing experiences to also happen for their three children and enlighten them about what life is like around the globe. They made a family decision to expose their kids to the entire nation, one state at a time and the father, Matt Webb resigned from his career in school administration to begin their journey.

They have managed to afford this in such a clever fashion that they have collaborated with several nonprofit organizations to raise donations that help support their family travels.  To date they have raised over 80K in tax deductible donations to get them from one state to another. As you can imagine, whilst on the road many others have helped the family out by purchasing meals for them and allowing them to park their trailer in a safe spot overnight. The Webb’s were never out asking for handouts, this was nothing other than good humanitarians in action.

What a memorable experience for young children to remember for the rest of their lives. Most adults that are U.S. citizens don’t get the opportunity to even cover a dozen states, maybe 20 if they are lucky or a part of a military family. The relationships they have made are no doubt going to be life long, and the patience, gratefulness, and love their children must have earned from embarking on this adventure are without question priceless.