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Swimming With Crocodiles Is A ‘Thing’

Dorathy Gass

Anyone who has ever hit a tropical destination may have had the pleasure of heading to an attraction where you can swim with dolphins; it’s not uncommon. However, crocodiles? Apparently, it’s become a new thing at Crocosaurus Cove located in Darwin City, Australia, and a popular one at the facility that is the home to some of the largest crocodiles in the world.
Sounds very scary, yet interesting … or does it not?

Unlike the experiences some may have had with dolphins, or snorkeling with sweet little ocean creatures and fishes, this attraction is very different. In order to ‘swim’ with the 5.5-meter-long croc, named Chopper by the way, guests are lowered into a tank via a Perspex-cage and get the experience of being in the same area with these incredible saltwater animals. MSN reported that the attraction has been dubbed the ‘Cage of Death’.

Doesn’t the very name just make you want to dive right in?

All joking aside, as per Crocosaurus Cove keeper Charlotte Price, Chopper, affectionately referred to as ‘Chops’ is a favorite of the staff. He’s somewhere in his 80s, and thankfully is still alive considering he was around during a time where crocodile hunting was popular and the numbers of his species decreased tremendously as a result. There was a point in time that less than 3,000 crocs could be found in the Northern Territory of Australia, however, due to a hunting ban that was passed in the early 1970s, there are now 80,000 in and around the area.

Still, these surviving crocodiles like Chopper became an issue. Simply due to the fact that they hung around beaches and boat ramps; attacking cattle and sometimes boats as well. While trying to capture these animals and take them somewhere different would be a waste of time, as they are territorial in nature and would simply return to the area that they considered ‘home’. Therefore, Chopper, like many of other crocs, found new safe zones via crocodile farms … much like Crocosaurus Cove.

Interested in experiencing this one-in-a-lifetime attraction? Fees around the ‘Cage of Death’ are priced at $170 (Australian dollars) for one person, but if you can convince a friend, then the price is dropped to $130 (in Aussie dollars) for each daredevil. This cost includes entry into Crocosaurus Cove.

‘Swimming’ with crocs does certainly sound like a bucket list item for any travel adventurist.