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Swap Your Holiday Traditions For Travel

Dorathy Gass

The holidays are fun time of year! As family and friends gather to spend more quality time together, the parties, shopping, and baking puts us all in a festive mood. Still, going on vacation and traveling can also be equally exciting. Unfortunately, more often than not, what stops people from embarking on travel adventures, is the price tag associated with it. What if this year’s holiday experience was wrapped in vacationing fun? If you look closer, you may be able to find some extra cash in your wallet to enjoy some travelling, by simply trimming your holiday budget some. Here are some holiday traditions the Huffington Post reports you could scale down on (or ditch), to help you find the money you need to go on a vacation this season instead.

Presents: This seems like the most obvious, and many families trade the traditional gift-giving celebration for a holiday vacation instead. Why spend money on things you don’t need, or more toys for the kids? Saving the gift-giving budget for a vacation will offer you something that money can’t buy: travel memories.

Cards: Everyone loves getting holiday cards in the mail these days, and it’s always nice to receive a brightly-colored envelope with warm tidings of comfort and joy; opposed to another credit card bill. Still, when you estimate the cost of purchasing the cards, not to mention the postage; you could save a bundle by simply creating a digital holiday greeting that can be sent out via email, or your social media pages. P.S. – it’s better for the environment too!

Holiday Decorating: There is nothing that can put you in the holiday mood more than festive candles, garland everywhere, wreaths, and of course, a Christmas tree. However, if you are planning on ditching the idea of gifts anyways, why not save on the tree? A real tree can run between $40 to $50 dollars these days (depending on size), and a reusable tree can cost anywhere between $70 to $300 dollars. Then there are the ornaments, lights, and other decorations inside (and outside) your home. Taking a break on these expenses (even for just a year) could certainly help you save the money you need for a well-deserved vacation.

Entertaining: Whether you are hosting a holiday party, or Christmas dinner; the cost of food, beverages (both alcoholic and non) can hurt your bank account significantly. While everyone loves to have family and friends near them during the holiday season, a great way to save is offering the idea of potluck events, where everyone contributes to the cost. Or, book your vacation during these festive parties, and enjoy a Pina Colada on the beach somewhere, rather than worrying about everyone’s wine tastes or dietary issues.