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Survey Indicates US Airline Satisfaction Up

Dorathy Gass

You’d think with all the recent airline/passenger incidents that are flooding social media and the internet, people would dread the idea of flying.

In a recent survey, CNN is proving this theory wrong. As per the J.D. North American Airline Satisfaction Study released for this year, flyers are enjoying air travel and satisfaction rates have increased.

Imagine that … are United passengers included on this survey?

All joking aside, according to the study, satisfaction around North American carriers have increased this year, hitting an all-time high of 756 points, on a 1,000-scale; an increase of 30 points from last year. This also marks the fifth consecutive year these numbers have risen.

It seems some of the biggest reasons for this bump includes airfares that are cheaper, less mishandled luggage issues, and a low bump rate. Other satisfaction perks include in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi, and on-demand flicks offered during air travel.

It seems that 11,000 individuals were surveyed for the study, and generally speaking, the report indicates that everyone seemingly had a better year overall when it came to flying than the previous one.

The criteria used with the study included: fees and costs, boarding, in-flight services, baggage and exiting the plane, the air carrier’s’ staff, check-in; the airplane itself, as well as reservations.

Southwest Airlines dominated this year’s study, hitting the top spot when it came to low-cost airline. It hit 807 points in this regard. It also grabbed the highest points when it came to the legacy or low-cost airline category. As such, JetBlue was handed silver when it came to the study with 803 points, and WestJet grabbed third spot hitting 736 points. Interestingly enough, low-cost airlines on average increased nine points, to 784.

For the tenth year in a row, Alaska Airlines grabbed the top spot when it came to legacy airlines, with a score of 765 points. Next in line, Delta Air Lines with 758 points, and American Airlines was third, with 736 points.