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Surprising Snowy Weather In Texas Making For Messy Holiday Commutes

Jaclyn Hughes

It’s time to start thinking about getting back home from your family holiday destinations, and if you live in Texas, this could equate a slippery commute back home. It does snow in Texas believe it or not, especially in areas like Fort Worth, as the whole state isn’t the sticky, super hot climate that Houston typically can be. This December though, it appears even in the southern areas of Texas they got to see the fluffy white stuff to end the year off just right.

What a wonderful way to celebrate the season with your little ones watching snow fall in a state that isn’t well known for its snow. Those residing in the southern cities were overjoyed (well, most of the locals) to watch their children and dogs frolicking about in the white stuff. What could possibly go wrong with this? A lot if you’re trying to commute back home from a loved one’s house across the beautiful state of Texas that’s currently covered in powder.

AAA advises the following tips to stay safe this year:

Don’t drive in cruise control mode
Don’t drive distracted by anything, phones mostly
Ensure that you’ve winterized your car or truck before driving in the snow the first time
Know what times you should be breaking, and steering

Jacksonville Progress reported that AAA also revealed a record breaking 8.7 million Texans will be commuting across the Lone Star state, which is sure to cause some traffic delays, not just due to the weather changes either. If you aren’t familiar with Houston traffic, you’re in for a real treat! Traveling in and out of the massive city can often be bumper to bumper as Houston has a large population all year round. Take your time, formulate a travel plan, and pack lots of “just in case” items such as water, snacks, chargers for phones, a blanket, and a flashlight to name just a few for safe travels.