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Study: Bad Destinations For Vacationing Couples To Visit

Dorathy Gass

Whether you are dating, married, or a couple with kids; taking a vacation just the two of you is essential at any stage of your relationship. For daters, it offers a way to really get to know your significant other; and for more established couples and those with kids, it provides the two an opportunity to reconnect, escape the daily grind, and re-ignite the romance (sans children or fur babies).

A new study organized by revealed that couples who go to Mexico for their first official vacation are likelier to break up. The research also indicated that new lovebirds will go away (on average) within five months of entering coupledom and 73 percent of those duos will get into a fight on their first holiday together.

In fact, MSN reported that the study found 21 percent of twosomes that headed to Mexico for their first vacation ended up breaking up shortly after they got back, with Ibiza hitting the second spot at 17 percent. Portugal grabbed the bronze at 12 percent. Over 2,100 individuals participated in the survey, and over 1,050 stated they broke up with their significant other after about six months, post-vacation. Who knew heading to a sun-filled paradise could be so disastrous for a relationship?

But in all seriousness, what was the reasoning behind the break ups? Couples who fought on vacay listed running late for their flight, decisions around how to spend their vacation time, and flirting with others as the major factors behind holiday arguments.

Alternatively, according to the study, those couples who headed off to spots like Italy and Tenerife as their first vacay spots had a decreased chance around breaking up. spokesman, Chris Clarkson stated that Mexico vacations do require a bit of splurge versus other spots on the breakup cities list, and he also noted that Ibiza is known for its partying; which could be factors that could explain why couples who head to these spots do break up when they get back home.
So much for a happy holiday?