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You Still Have Time to Plan Your Memorial Day Weekend Getaway!

Jaclyn Hughes

Looking for a last minute Memorial Day weekend getaway? You may still be in luck as millions of Americans are planning their trips as we speak; and some are even getting awesome travel deals in the process!

According to the data released by the Main Street website some 37.5 million people are getting out of town for this Memorial Day holiday. Rightfully so considering the harsh winter some northern states had to endure, which is usually a good indication that spring travel will be heavy. Statistics are showing that 33 million will be hitting the pavement driving to their holiday destination this year, which is also telling of the fuel prices dropping this year. The fuel prices have significantly declines an average of a dollar per gallon all over America. There is also a drop in flight prices of roughly 2% in fees, which has boosted the flight commerce up 2.5% since last time during the busy getaway last year.

Now, typically speaking waiting until the last minute usually equates a higher price to pay for your getaway. Some are finding great deals, but most are willing to pay the price for a last minute adventure to relax and unwind with their families. The team at AAA has reported some hotels hiking up the price to 7% during the busy weekend when they know travelers will be opt to shelling out the extra cash, while some that are willing to do the research can dig up deals offer on sites such as Priceline.

A few tips to getting your Memorial Day trip booked:

  • Talk with a travel agent. This may seem like it’s more expensive, but you can often get all inclusive deals, or last minute bookings into a sold out hotel that only an agent has up to date access to. They can also show you other lodging options that may be close to a beach or town you want to be in without paying the “in-town” hotel fees.
  • Seriously consider driving rather than flying this year. If you are going somewhere that is only a few hours away to drive, think about taking the family car instead of the hassle of flying. You will save on getting a rental car once you arrive at your destination, and it can be more comfortable for children under the age of 8 to travel by car.
  • Don’t box your rates in by searching for flights and hotels from the same computer. Your computer tends to store data knowing that you have been searching for flights and gives you worse pricing the more you search. Try a little experiment out for yourself by searching for a flight to somewhere that you have no desire to go just to see the pricing process. Then search for it again from the same laptop. Now go search for the same flight on the same airline from another computer or device, most get a cheaper rate by using multiple devices to not store any data.

Last minute deals are there if you take 30 minutes to search for them; talk to your friends and family about great places worth visiting this year and get some relaxation to break into the summer season!