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Step In Ariel’s Shoes (Or Tail) With Mermaid Adventure

Dorathy Gass

For fans, both young and old, of the Little Mermaid, there has been many who have dreamed of embarking on an adventure that is ‘under the sea’. Well, those dreams can now become a reality, especially for those travelers out there who are considering Maui as a potential destination vacation.

A new company known as Hawaii Mermaid Adventure is offering an eco-tourism experience for anyone (at any age) who has wanted to be a mermaid (or merman for that matter) for a day.
As Owner of Hawaii Mermaid Adventures, Timothy Lara, notes, the company is thrilled to offer this type of memorable experience. He promises that visitors will be able to explore the ocean, underwater life, and coral reefs in a unique and fun way.

While visitors are sure to remember this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, at Hawaii Mermaid Adventures, safety is also a key priority. All instructors are required to have certification in both lifeguard and marine naturalist designations, as well, they are CPR certified.

So, what should a guest of this adventure expect? Visitors will practice getting in and out of mermaid’s tails on land, as well as swimming with their tails in the ocean. One will also be taught all there is to know about mermaids, including: myths about them, ocean mysteries, sailor’s tales, as well as mermaid names. Visitors will also be taught the ins and outs of water etiquette before diving in, and how to look out for native fish and be given a guideline around conservation issues. Mermaid guides also ensure there is a small beach clean up before the start of lessons.

While perfect for anyone, regardless of age, the company encourages the adventure for families, girls-only getaways, wedding party fun, plus so much more. In fact, it’s important to note that the tails for guests are unisex, so men are definitely encouraged to join. The Hawaii Mermaid Adventure takes about an hour and a half, and groups are not combined; one party partakes exclusively on the excursion at a time. The company also includes underwater and beach digital photography with each lesson. Should guests not want to part with their mermaid tail, you can purchase one to take home with you!

While Travel Week reported that Ariel longed for feet and legs in the classic Disney flick, there are many who long swim with the creatures underwater, and if you are one of those individuals, then the Hawaii Mermaid Adventures is just the attraction you may looking for to enhance your Maui experience.